Vibe can serve as:

Share good vibes with your dedicated
community, wherever they may be.

Vibe lets you publish visually attractive, bite-sized stories
straight to your readers' smartphones.

What is Vibe?

Vibe is a digital publishing platform that makes it easy to create engaging content, publish it to your dedicated Vibe mobile feed, and capture the attention of your target audience through push notifications.

Vibe is so simple and intuitive that you can start publishing right away without any manual or training. See a live mobile preview of your content as you write it on your desktop, so you'll know exactly how to make your content shine.

How does Vibe work?


written, visual and video content quickly in the Vibe Publisher tool. Review your post at the time you create it with Vibe's mobile preview.


your dedicated community wherever they are
with customizable push notifications throught Vibe's mobile app.


your readers through advanced analytics - monitor app usage by time of the day, notification open rate, article performance, and more.


your Vibe channel by adding your company’s logo, article categories, and custom article reactions.

Vibe can serve as:

An internal communication tool
for companies and organizations to bring their culture to life and build a stronger sense of shared purpose

Employees can experience your company’s culture in a distraction-free environment, and be alerted whenever new stories are available through push notifications.

App preview

An interactive content publishing tool
going beyond ordinary communication channels like email newsletters or printed advertisements

Run an in-app branded feed dedicated to your content. With Vibe, you can send your readers a push notification whenever you have news to share.

App preview

A community management
solution for public services

Vibe can strengthen relationships with your guests and members by providing an exclusive, invite-only private channel for you to share your events, news and limited time offers in a space focused solely on you and your brand.

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